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  Face to face social networking in five minutes.

About 5 Minute Meeting

Why a 5 Minute Meeting?

This concept was brought about by a need that everyone has felt when attending a networking event. You know there were people there that you wanted to talk to but the opportunity just never presented itself and before you knew it, the night was over and the opportunity was lost. At a 5 Minute Meeting Networking Event this can't happen.

How it works:

When you get to the meeting we'll give you a brief presentation about 5 Minute Meeting and how the event will work. You will then be seated at a table across from a potential business partner. You will be given 2 1/2 minutes to descibe who you are, hand them your business card and pass on referrals. After your 2 1/2 minutes is up, that person will then have the same opportunity to present themselves to you. At the end of your 5 Minute Meeting you will switch seats and meet your next potential business partner.

Once the one on one meetings have finished you will have an opportunity to mingle with all of your new acquaintances and further discuss opportunities with those best suited for you.